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Wagner in the Alley

Place: A well-lit alley by the building where my voice studio is located Time: 7:10 PM on a week night, already past dark Persona: Me and a nicely dressed, middle-aged man, smoking a cigarette Man, as I walk toward him on the way to my car: “Wow, you look great.” [getting the vibe that he’s…

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TUNDI Withdrawal!

It’s been just over a week since TUNDI’s Wagner in Vermont Festival ended with a stunning production of “Die Walkure” at the Latchis Theatre on Saturday, August 27. Words fail me when I try to express the joy I felt throughout the 2 week rehearsal/performance period…the artists, my colleagues, were superior in every way…talented, collegial,…

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Wagner’s Ring in One Evening

“Wagner’s Ring in One Evening” – who would ever put those 5 words together in one sentence? Well, Peter Furlong would, and he DID! Last night, July 23, Peter and 9 other artists accomplished something unique – highlights of Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen” in a 2 hr. concert at the Sawyer Auditorium on the…

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