Wagner’s Women: Archetypes and Inspirations Part 2

On May 5, 2024, I had the privilege to perform repertoire that is near and dear to my heart…an all-Wagner concert jointly sponsored by the Berlin Wagner Group (BWG) and the Boston Wagner Society (BWS).

Stunning flyer for the May 5 concert

Peter Furlong, founder of the BWG, fashioned this concert for 3 talented and lovely women – soprano Jenny Ribeiro, mezzo-soprano Joanna Porackova, and yours truly. It was such a pleasure to work with Jeffrey Brody who is a devoted Wagner fan and fantastic collaborative pianist.

Here is the first page of the program listing all of the selections and who sang what.

Dalia Geffen, president emerita of the Boston Wagner Society, wrote and beautifully delivered enlightening narrative regarding all of the selections that we three ladies and Jeffrey performed.

The 4 Divas – Soprano Jenny Ribeiro, Mezzo-Sopranos Joanna Porackova and Janice Edwards, Dalia Geffen, Narrator, and Pesident Emerita of the Boston Wagner Society

It was so gratifying that several of my students attended this concert – Anne Orio, and Peter and Tara Boettcher.

I am still glowing from the talent and artistry of all of my colleagues, and so very honored to have been part of this event .

Joanna, Jeffrey, and Janice at the reception (we realized this was a true “J” event – Joanna, Jeffrey, Jenny and Janice!)

Kathleen Fink, a PACC member who organized this event, was wonderfully helpful in all respects regarding the comfort and support of we 4 artists. Kudos to Kathleen!

Bravi Tutti!

Collaborative accompanist Jeffrey Brody and soprano Jenny Ribeiro
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