Max, Peter, Janice, Melany, Laura
Maxwell McGrath (Valjean), Peter Boettcher (Joli), Laura Prior and Melany White (Ensemble), ActorSingers production of “Les Miserables” 2013

Community Choirs and Theatre

For all singers preparing for community theatre or community chorus auditions and/or roles.

Whether you aspire to a professional life on Broadway or the opera stage, or just want to feel confident when auditioning for a role in community theatre or singing a solo at your church, this course of study will help you gain the confidence and technique you need to stand out at auditions and give successful performances.  In these lessons, we will focus on:

  • selecting and delivering an audition song in the style of the upcoming musical
  • learning healthy belting and belt/mix techniques
  • preparing  a choir's assigned audition piece
  • developing vocal health and physical stamina to enjoy long theatre runs and chorus rehearsals without fatigue
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