Wagner in Vermont Festival has been a smashing success

TUNDI Productions’ (www.TUNDIProductions.org) Wagner in Vermont Festival has been a smashing success. I am both humbled and thrilled to have been a part of this monumental mounting by a “small but mighty” opera company to produce fully-staged, with orchestra, the first two Ring operas, “Das Rheingold” and “Die Walkure.”

Every single artist – and I am including the fantastic orchestra of about 35 – is first rate vocally and dramatically. Last night (26 August) was performance #2 of “Das Rheingold.” Erda, as many of you know, does not enter until almost the end of the 4th scene, with her dire warning to Wotan to basically, well, behave himself.

As I was waiting backstage for my entrance (more on that in another post), I took the opportunity to get photos of myself with 4 of my “Rheingold” colleagues.

Below I am between two of the fanciful characters, Alberich played by Brian Ember, and Mime, played by Stanley Wilson.
The giants Fasolt and Fafner are played by Charles Martin (Fasolt) and Kirk Eichelberger (Fafner).

Vielen Dank to all concerned…truly a blessing to be in such exalted company. Very much looking forward to “Die Walkure” tonight – toi toi toi!

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