Student Spotlight – Madison Finocchiaro – Les Misérables

Madison and Janet Edwards

Madison and me right after the opening performance – this is Madame Thenardier’s “wedding guest attire”

Ovation Theatre Company opened its premiere season in splendid form with “Les Misérables School Edition” on Friday, May 24th. The all-student ensemble was perfectly cast. My student Madison Finocchiaro was suitably slovenly and greedy as the wicked Madame Thernadier. I am so proud of Madison whose vocalism and especially her acting were spot on…she never dropped character and commanded full attention whenever she was on stage.

The staging and set were minimal, consisting mostly of boxes of various shapes that the performers repositioned for various scene changes. These scene changes went like clockwork. Obviously, the cast was quite well rehearsed, and the coordination between the singing and the orchestral track went smoothly throughout.

Most of the cast – all of whom were splendid, principals and ensemble alike – are students at Pinkerton Academy, which obviously boasts superior vocal and acting talent. Bravi tutti to all.

Les Miscrables program

Les Miserables playbill

The Cast of Les Miserables: School Edition

The Cast of Les Miserables: School Edition

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