feeling better…

Well, my stomach has settled down but the zanzara (mosquito) bites are still red, swollen and itchy…need I say ugly as well? I found some Zyrtec at the pharmacy which I will take tonight before going to bed, as it’s supposed to make one drowsy. 

I had 2 great sessions this morning…11:30, lesson with Jack; 12:30, drama coaching with Dona. Then, a nice long break (my next class is a coaching with Felice Vananzoni at 6:30)…I do wish the scheduler would put things closer together; however, while walking is still somewhat problematic, I came back to my apt. for lunch and a rest before seeing Felice.

Jack has arranged for us to have “free” lunch on teaching days at a local restaurant, not too far from the school, but the food is not very good. For instance, on Monday there were 2 pasta dishes, one with cream sauce and chopped veggies, the other with sausage. I wonder if one of those dishes made me sick? Jack told me today that a couple of other singers have had diarrhea. At any rate, we have a kitchen here at the flat and have been able to get groceries at the local Coop (this is what the little supermarket is called)…tons of fresh veggies…the tomatoes are heaven, nothing like what you would get at Hanford; fresh meats, etc., but of course, Dona and I have no car, so we have to lug supplies home in shopping bags by foot. We are taking turns getting stuff.

Lots of rain this morning which means more skeeters…UGH! 

I am going to try to download a photo in the next post.

OK – whining over. I hope everyone is well! Send news.


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