Student Spotlight – Shayna Carp

Community Theatre is alive and well in New Hampshire! The Franklin Footlight Theatre’s “Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” (July 4-15 and 20-22, and July 16) opened on July 14 in Franklin, NH.

The Franklin Opera House, like so many historic “opera houses” (a historic name for NH town halls that are how repurposed for performance spaces) is a beautiful space for this show which featured a fine cast of principals and ensemble, authentic costumes, and a live instrumental ensemble.

My student and friend, Shayna Carp, played the role of the Feather Duster Babette, one of the “enchanted creatures” come to life.

Shayna was enchanting, especially with her authentic French accent during her speaking lines (Shayna is fluent in French, so her “French accent” when speaking English was both fun and funny).

What a pleasure to see so many local artists and young people having a joyous time on stage. I am so proud of Shayna, and am still smiling. Here is a photo of Shayna and me before she removed her makeup and costume. SO PROUD and HAPPY!

Janice and Shayna at Beauty and the Beast
Playbill for Beauty and the Beast
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