Student Spotlight – Rae Pizzi

The lovely Rae Pizzi performed the role of Doralee Rhodes in Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5”. This hysterical production was presented by Peacock Players of Nashua, NH.

The all-teen ensemble was high energy, funny, and obviously having a blast. The musical ensemble numbers were well choreographed and the songs, sung to a track, were perfectly coordinated.

The minimal set accurately illustrated a busy corporate office (though I know from experience that the desk of the “boss” would never be so neat!)

Here I am with Rae right after the performance, holding her Dolly/Doralee wig. Brava to my sweet and supremely talented Rae!

PS – kudos to Peacock Players for arranging a non-paper, digital program to cut down on paper. Gotta admire that!

Janice Edwards and Rae Pizzi (2022)
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