not exactly “home sick,” but sick away from home

The heat and mosquitoes and bum ankle have finally taken their toll. To top it off, I woke up this morning (Tuesday) around 3:00 with diarrhea. On top of a somewhat sleepless night on Sunday, I am just done in and decided to forego my 3 classes today. I think it might be a combination of the heat, bugs, new food, new atmosphere, etc., finally catching up with me. Strange, though…this did not happen last summer in Sicily.

I hated to miss 2 coachings and a lesson with Nelly, but considering the amount of energy and vocal strength these intense half hour sessions require, I thought it best to give away my times to another singer.

So I have had a somewhat lonely day here in this flat, still battling the mosquitoes (Europeans do not believe in window screens…well, maybe they believe in them, but I have never once seen a window with a screen in any European country I have visited or lived in). Some of the bites on my ankles are inflamed and quite sore…hard not to scratch.

I visited the local farmacia yesterday and got some antihistamine/antiobotic ointment. It has been mostly ineffective.

But I am feeling better tonight after a lot of rest and just vegging out. I will have to get nose to the grindstone again tomorrow and catch up on my singing and studies. As I have mentioned, “singing and studying in Europe” is not as glamorous as it sounds…it’s hard work and dealing without one’s “creature comforts” can sometimes be daunting. Other than the bugs I have little to complain about and am grateful that I have this opportunity…but right now, I sure could use some New England coolness!

More to come, when I can post something other than whining!


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