more photos (and some with faces…)

These were taken during the weekend when Manuela and Simone were here…first one is Simone; then the much-photographed statue in the Greve main square; then at the wine tasting (with our charming guide Miryam); Simone and her mother in law Manuela, and the posters about MOS’s upcoming concerts as well as the Jennifer Larmore master classes next week, which are open to the public. 

These posters are plastered all over town so there should be a big crowd.  All 22 of us will be singing for her, which is why there are 2 days of classes. Jennifer Larmore is a world famous mezzo-soprano (look her up); she was scheduled to come to Sicily last year, but her father passed away right before her arrival.  

I am very excited to meet her and sing for her.

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