The Janice Edwards Voice Studio presents “LB – A Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Leonard Bernstein”

Leonard Bernstein Poster“LB” will celebrate this American musical icon with highlights from four of his most celebrated theatrical pieces including West Side Story, On the Town, Wonderful Town and Candide. In addition, three additional songs will be featured including “So Pretty”, “My House”, and “Simple Song” from Mass. A special treat will be “Rondo for Lifey”, a short, lively piece for trumpet and piano. Matt Van Wagner, tenor, will be playing the trumpet and our wonderful pianist for the entire show is Blake Leister.
Singers participating are sopranos Janet Boutin, Laura Iwaskiewicz, Jenny Masana, Nancy Rosen, Janet Poisson and Janet Wittenberg; altos Tara Boettcher, Lauren Friedman, Anne Orio and Susanne Tartarilla; tenors Peter Boettcher, Dustin Teuber, and Matt Van Wagner; and basses Aaron Sanford and Joel Iwaskiewicz.
The venue is Grace Episcopal Church, 106 Lowell Street, Manchester, NH, on October 14, 2018, at 3:00 pm. Cash admission: $5.
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