Granite State NATS winners!

My 4 lovely students have done themselves, and me, very proud this year. 

Most NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) chapters have annual competitions for both classical and musical theatre divisions. Our chapter is, naturally, the Granite State chapter.

2021 has been a banner year for the Janice Edwards Voice Studio. Here are the 4 winners this year:

  • In May, mezzo-soprano Natalie Barnaby won first prize in the Granite State NATS Classical Competition, Upper College Division. Natalie is currently enrolled in Boston Conservatory’s Opera Program
  • In October, Rae Pizzi, junior at Londonderry High School, placed first in the Upper High School division of Granite State NATS
  • Lydia Richman, junior at John Stark High School, tied for second place in the Upper High School division of Granite State NATS
  • Shayna Carp submitted 3 videos for the Adult Division, which is for comments only.

These singers were judged by the top voice teachers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

I also send a grateful “shout out” to Jennifer Hansen and Andrea Veal, Granite State NATS officers, whose tireless work on behalf of New Hampshire singers of all ages is priceless.

All 4 singers received glowing comments from the judges.

Natalie Barnaby
Rae Pizzi
Shayna is photographed with Blake Leister, collaborative pianist extraordinaire, who accompanied all of my NATS winners, tirelessly rehearsing and video-ing 3 pieces for each singer.
Janice, Blake, and Lydia 

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