Blessed with friends, colleagues and students

I’m so blessed! Close friends, colleagues and students helped to make my retirement from my “day job” more joyous than expected.

As is the case for many performing artists, I’ve had day jobs to support myself between gigs.

Since 2000, I worked as a legal administrative assistant at a law firm in Manchester, NH.

About 2 months ago, l decided it was high time to retire and devote more energy towards my voice students as well as my own physical and vocal health.

The firm surprised me with a happy send-off on Feb. 9th. A gorgeous watch, a cake, a profusion of flowers, and many sweet cards.

Below are a couple of photos from that memorable day, including me with one of the founders of the firm, Jack Middleton (left), and my boss of 16 years, Tom Hildreth.

But wait…there’s more!

On Saturday Feb. 11th, three of my talented students participated in a studio class of Bach and Handel pieces…sorry…l couldn’t resist naming it “This Is How We Handel It”.

Little did l know that these 3 lovely ladies, Janet Wittenberg, Janet Boutin, Anne Orio, and one of New Hampshire’s fantastic collaborative pianists Elizabeth Blood ❤️, had planned a little fete for me after the class, complete with a Happy Retirement crown and ribbon…a beautiful cake, mimosas, and so much love.

I was thoroughly overwhelmed, and frankly, still am. These beautiful women, who are also close personal friends, enrich my life every day with their love and talent.

Seems I’ve used the word LOVE frequently in this post. Because we can never have enough of it.

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